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Exclusive Content, First Looks, Credits, and more...

Choose a Business Membership Level


$0.00/a year

● Access to EVCA General videos.
● Access to Behind-the-scenes videos and photos

● Ability to vote for community features, videos, projects, and merch releases.

● Access to exclusive EVCA Merch

● Access to early announcements and pre-sales.

● Ability to put up your own sponsored project ideas.

● Access to EVCA Production Management Process

1st Tier

● All previous perks
● Help bring our own home grown media that you don't have to worry about.

● 10% of merch store (Coming Soon)

● 24/7 access to entire library. Including Premium content.

● Access to EVCA project specific EVCA Production management Process

$900/a year

2nd Tier

$1,800/a year

● All previous perks
● Yearly Access to Video Department, Editing Department.

● Movie Night tickets for every EVCA Movie Night for every company employee

● Access to EVCA 801 Volume. EVCA Production Departments

● Your company name in the credits on EVCA Media

3rd Tier

$7,200/a year

● All previous perks
● Gain status of Executive Sponsor.

● Drastically Improve the quality of EVCA Media

● Determine what types of projects are made.

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