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The Annual Celestial Ball Policies

1. Dress Code:

  • Guests are required to adhere to the formal dress code, which includes attire inspired by the 18th century. Period-appropriate accessories, such as waistcoats, and powdered wigs, are encouraged.

  • If guests show up in clothing that does not fit the theme "18th Century Inspired" Floor Length Ballgown/Three piece suit, they will not be allowed entry and will not be refunded.

  • If you have questions about your garment passing the modesty and theme standard set for the ball please email

2. Age Restrictions:

3. Ticketing:

  • Tickets are non-refundable.

  • Tickets may be transferred if approved through emailing to get the information updated.

  • Guests must present a valid ticket/invitation (physical or digital) for entry.

4. Conduct:

  • Guests are expected to conduct themselves with grace and courtesy, respecting both fellow attendees and event staff.

  • Any disruptive behavior may result in eviction from the event without refund.

5. Photography and Videography:

  • Photography and videography are allowed for personal use and social media sharing.

  • Professional cameras and recording equipment require prior approval.

  • Event photographers and videographers will be present to capture memories.

  • Your attendance at this event implies your consent for the utilization of photos and videos for promotional and marketing purposes. Please understand you may or may not be seen in future marketing campaigns.

  • The event photo gallery will be made available for guests to download photos after the event.

6. Liability:

  • The event organizers are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged personal belongings.

  • Attendees are responsible for their own safety and well-being during the event.

9. Health and Safety:

  • In the interest of health and safety, guests are encouraged to follow any health guidelines or regulations in effect at the time of the event.

10. Entry and Exit:

  • Guests may exit and re-enter the venue, throughout the evening.

11. Refusal of Entry:

  • The event organizers reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone who does not comply with the event policies or poses a security risk.

12. Event Changes:

  • The event organizers reserve the right to make changes to the event program, including performers, schedule, and activities, as necessary.

13. Accessibility:

  • The venue will provide accessible facilities for guests with special needs. Please contact the event organizers in advance for specific accommodation requests.

For any questions regarding The Annual Celestial Ball please contact

We look forward to your attendance.

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