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Secret Project

Description of Secret Project.

Level 1 - $10 or more

Interest is Peaked!
Your're curious and you want to contribute a small portion and we are thankful!
- Perk(s) will be listed

Level 2 - $25 or more

You Want to See it!
Your just a little more curious than level 1. Anything is greatly appreciated!
- Everything from Level 1
- Perk(s) from Level 2

Level 3 - $35 or more

Back to Back!
We see that you are committed to helping us out. With people like you we are sure to deliver the best!
- Everything from Level 2
- Perk(s) from Level 3

Level 4- $50 or more

You're serious!
Whoa you're really serious! The perks in this level will not disappoint!
- Everything from Level 3
- Perk(s) from Level 4

Level 5 - $100 or more

You're Super Serious!

Whoa you're super serious! This is a lot of money, and if you care this much we got you covered!
- Everything from Level 4
- Perk(s) from Level 5

Level 6 - $150 or more

All In!

Alright we see you. If you're donating this much we know you're all in! And so are we!
- Everything from Level 5
- Perk(s) from Level 6

Level 7 - $200 or more

You're not messing Around!
The pressure is on! We see you've got high expectations and we respect it!
- Everything from Level 6
- Perk(s) from Level 7

Level 8 - $300 or more


Absolutely crazy I tell you! But we thought of even big spenders like yourself!
- Everything from Level 7
- Perk(s) from Level 8

Level 9 - $500 or more

The Best of the Best!
I bet there aren't many like you and there aren't many like the perks in this level. Only the best for you!
- Everything from Level 8
- Perk(s) from Level 9

Level 9.1 - $1,000 or more

We're Here to Serve!
You're a mad man(woman?)! Don't you have bills to pay?? Kids to feed???
- Everything from Level 9
- Perk(s) from Level 10

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